Novartis Continue To Battle Roche To Create The Number One Lung Cancer Drug

Novartis Vs Roche

The Disease Diagnosis Innovation is becoming a battle to produce the leading drug for lung cancer is heating up. On one side is Zykadia from Novartis. On the other is a product called Alecensa from Roche, their current rival. Both healthcare companies already have the approval they need to be used as a second-line treatment option when Xalkori is not an option. Now the battle is on to become the number one option.

Novartis Feel That They Should Be On Top After Recent Trials And Support

 Innovation In Disease Diagnosis

Novartis is performing well at the moment. They have provided the green light to offer Zakaria as a second-line treatment in Europe as well as the US. They have also just released the results of a recent phase III clinical trial of their current drug, Zykadia. The trials have been carried out on patients with a form of lung cancer with advanced anaplastic lymphoma kinase-positive non-small cells.

The current results are positive and go a long way towards validating this option in the current life sciences market. Patients receiving this drug saw an increased chance of survival without cancer spreading. The results were promising when compared to standard chemotherapy.

Elsewhere, Roche Has Impressed Life Sciences Investors Further With Their Trials And Results

The only problem for Novartis is that their closest rival in the pharmaceutical game, Roche, have seen important advancements of their own. Alecensa was also tested on the same classification, and it too showed potential in reducing the risk of ALK+ non-small cell lung cancer progression. In fact, the results were highly impressive when compared to the current front-line treatment. Roche saw a 66% reduction when compared to Xalkori. This is a massive step forward in cancer-treating healthcare.

This comparison is the crucial difference between these two trials. While the Novartis study is promising, critics say that it falls flat compared to that of Roche because of the similar drugs. It is better to be outperforming Xalkori than chemotherapy because of the style and purpose of the treatment.

This immediately put Novartis on the back foot, despite doing well with their drug. There is just too much preference shown to Roche’s Alecensa. There is also the problem that life sciences investors feel that revenue potential for Zykadia is limited. They forecast $320 million in sales for Zykadia in 2020 against $700 million for Alecensa in 2020.

So What Does That All Suggest For The Future Of  Zykadia In The Treatment Of Lung Cancer And Healthcare?

 Innovation In Disease Diagnosis

Novartis hopes that current clinical findings will help them take the next step to the expanded regulatory approval of the drug. The problem is that this current opinion means that more eyes are now on Roche. There is an assumption from fundamental analysts that Alecensa will be the superior option for safe, efficient healthcare. Because of the nature of the tests.

These assumptions can get turn out to misguide in the future. For now, this is that one critical opinion separating these two pharmaceutical giants. At the moment, Novartis’ best efforts Roche is easily out in front in the race to gain that regulatory approval.


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