Congress Promises $2 Billion In Extra Spending On US Life Sciences

Life Science Research In America

The American healthcare industry relies on the health policies of the US government to survive. The recent good news from Congress suggests that 2017 could be another great year. The US Senate has just declared funding for the National Institutes of Health. This means they declare it a national priority two years in a row.

This is big news for those researching the life sciences because resources are still thin on the ground, and every little helps. It is aimed that this new investment will contribute to promoting medical innovation for greater longevity within the US population. Naturally, there is also the hope to keep America’s healthcare industry competitive on the global stage.

This Increased Spending Is Big News For Some Key Divisions In American Healthcare And Research.

Health Care Policies Progress

The Senate Labor-HHS has approved a $2 billion increase for 2017, resulting in a grant of $34 billion. At the moment, this extra funding is expected to be split into the following health policies:

  • $100million of this new increase would be heading the way of the Precision Medicine Initiative,
  • $400 million is to be used for Alzheimer’s research.
  • $100 million would go to the BRAIN Initiative
  • $50 million would be used for research into antimicrobial resistance.

There Is A Lot Here For Medical Researchers To Be Excited By, But The Money Is Not Theirs Yet.

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It is essential to note the language used here so far. There is a lot of hope about what could be achieved and what the money would be utilized for. This is the reality of this pledge. Right now, this is merely a wish list and a fanciful promise from a Republican senator.

The bill still needs to be passed, and it needs to be for the amount of money initially proposed. This is the first Labor-HHS appropriations bill to be passed bipartisan in seven years. This does raise some hopes, but it is important to remain realistic.

 Understandably, many in the healthcare industry are not too optimistic just yet. There could be a long wait until the bill is passed. Furthermore, it might not be in quite the same shape when it eventually does turn into real funding.

Support is being pledged from all the right places, but nothing is guaranteed until that bill is passed in the Senate. The House Labor-HHS Appropriations Subcommittee chair has given his personal and public support for the pledge and the $2 billion increase. This, plus the support from the Democratic side, does mean that there is a good reason to be hopeful about these public policies.

This Funding For 2017 Has The Potential To Change Research And Development In A Range Of Fields And Life Sciences.

Health Care Policies America

There are hopes that medical researchers will be able to work on new therapies, testing methods, and treatment options in many areas. This means cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, and more. This research would help in meeting those aims to see a healthier, longer-living, and more competitive America. They just need to make sure that these public policies are signed off and that the money reaches the right people.

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