Scientists Are Working Together To Tackle Covid-19 Like Never Before

Scientists are working hard to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. Roser Valentí generally spends her days with quantum physics to understand exotic states of matter. But in May 2020, she switched her modeling skills to a very different problem — mimicking the development of the coronavirus pandemic. “Our ordinary daily things lost their significance,” states the m 8 theoretical physicist in Germany. “We thought: can we do something to help to know what is happening?”

Even when the pandemic wanes, Valentí wants to keep her dual identity, pursuing both her old …

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What Advances Are Being Made In DNA Sequencing

Life Science Research: DNA Sequencing

DNA sequencing is the single greatest scientific breakthrough to have occurred in the world of bioinformatics and genetics. Determining the order of nucleotides in a DNA sequence has opened numerous doors in preventative health care.

Patients can receive a personalized genetics map from online test labs for less than $200. Labs like answer questions on hereditary conditions and predispositions to illnesses.

Recent advances in DNA testing mean that lives can potentially be saved if researchers catch these links and red flags quickly.

Improving The

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Research Pays Off As New Products Obtain FDA Permission

Wound-care firm Applied Tissue Technologies declared that it had won FDA permission of its negative-pressure wound treatment product, the Platform Wound Dressing (PWD). The second class system signifies the first-of-its-kind embossed harmful pressure wound treatment equipment for use without gauze or foam, according to the Hingham, Mass. Company.

The PWD is a permeable dressing with an integral adhesive base and an impermeable membrane, permanently embossed that combines the traditional functions of this negative-pressure wound treatment membrane and foam/gauze in now marketed negative-pressure component. After the negative-pressure pump is turned …

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The Human Microbiome A New Frontier In Drug Discovery

Life Science Research In Drug Discovery

The notion of The Human Microbiome is one that has expanded significantly in recent years. The concept is still pretty new to the average American, but researchers and scientists are making significant progress. These advances in life science research are largely down to two factors. First, there is the fact that scientists are now getting to grips with the actual influence of the gut microbiome on health. Second, significant funding was newly declared that gives researchers the chance to delve deeper.…

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Advancements In STD Testing And Implications On Rural America

Life Science Research Advancements In STD Testing

Time-consuming processes, high expense, and lack of access to testing labs used to be the biggest problems with STD testing.  It could take days for elaborate bioassays to determine results. This was important to get the best, most accurate result.

Today, however, there has been an explosion of new technologies and STD testing methods that make it far cheaper and easier for the 448 million new cases of curable STIs each year to be diagnosed early and treated.

Today, there are at least …

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