What’s Up With The Biden Administration Healthcare Policies Changes?

We are discussing in detail the latest updates in American healthcare policies. The Biden administration hit the road running, announcing approximately 40 Executive orders, notes, and presidential proclamations in its first ten days.

Many addressed health difficulties. On Inauguration Day, the government issued orders to obstruct recent Trump commands and eliminate roadblocks it had created to stall President Biden schedule; on January 21, it declared ten COVID-19 directives; and on January 28, it issued an executive order to extend Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) marketplaces, in addition …

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New Medicaid Plan To Allow States To Partially Opt-Out

The white house shared a new plan that would radically revamp Medicaid by allowing states to opt-out of a part of the current federal funding program and seek a fixed payment annually in exchange for achieving unprecedented flexibility over the schedule.

Medicaid, a federal-state health program that involves 1 in 5 Americans, has been an open-ended entitlement since its start in 1965. That means the total amount of money given by the federal government grows with growth in health expenses and enrollment.

The government said the new program would …

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Short-Term Health Insurance Policy Changes Starting 2019

The war on Obamacare is one of the many fights that the Trump Administration has in their sights. There are many aspects to the healthcare industry at the forefront of the government’s agendas, and individual health insurance reform is a priority. Many approve of this change in temporary or short-term health insurance plans.

Proposed changes and repeals continue to make the headlines – often with minimal impact in the long term. However, a new proposition on short-term health insurance plans is set to shake the system up like never before.…

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The Importance Of Creating Professional, Responsible Public Policies In Healthcare

Health Care  Policies

As patients, we all demand the same level of care and treatment as the next person. All patients should be given the best available care that complies with responsible safety guidelines and best practice. There is a lot of pressure to maintain these regulations, with a constant need to meet requirements within financial means.

It is far too easy for practices to become outdated if these responsibilities are neglected. It is, therefore, vital that practices and healthcare providers work on careful, professional healthcare policies for staff. There …

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The Dangers Of Straying From Standardized Guidelines Within Public Healthcare

Health Care Policies Standardized Guidelines

Discrepancies in the creation of healthcare policies and their interpretation can lead to different levels of care in one organization. This increases that organization’s risk exposure. There are potential outcomes here that healthcare providers need to avoid. The Joint Commission set the following leadership accreditation standard as an essential requirement.…

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The New NIH Final Rule Is Getting Tough On Non-Compliant Researchers

Health Care Policies: NIH Final Rule

New requirements on final clinical trial registration and reporting were released on September 16th. These new rulings could have a massive impact on the fate of trials. In some cases, the NIH may freeze grant funding if they fail to make the grade. The NIH is currently the largest public funder for these clinical trials, with an annual spend of $3 billion. This should appear as no shock to the many companies and research institutions involved. The draft outlines have been publicly available since …

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The Impact of Brexit On the Life Sciences Industry

Health Policies For The Life Sciences Industry

The historic UK referendum on the nation’s relationship with the EU led to a surprising result. The majority of the people wanted to leave.

This severing of ties – now more commonly referred to as Brexit – has cast doubts over the ongoing UK/EU relationship concerning healthcare and the life sciences industry.  There is plenty of debate over the way in which Brexit will have an impact on this industry.

There was no clear answer at the time as so many variables, and …

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