Medical Diagnostics Improved By Using AI Technological Innovations

Image recognition Artificial Intelligence (AI), has the potential for an AI technological medical revolution in medical diagnostics. It is used to detect early diseases or maybe prevent them. Additionally, it can improve the workflow of radiologists by speeding up reading times and prioritizing urgent cases.

As IDTechEx reported in their article ‘AI in Medical Diagnostics – Current Status and Opportunities for Improvement,’ the current value proposition of image recognition AI is still below that of most radiologists. AI image recognition companies that serve the medical diagnostics industry will need to …

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What’s Up With The Biden Administration Healthcare Policies Changes?

We are discussing in detail the latest updates in American healthcare policies. The Biden administration hit the road running, announcing approximately 40 Executive orders, notes, and presidential proclamations in its first ten days.

Many addressed health difficulties. On Inauguration Day, the government issued orders to obstruct recent Trump commands and eliminate roadblocks it had created to stall President Biden schedule; on January 21, it declared ten COVID-19 directives; and on January 28, it issued an executive order to extend Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) marketplaces, in addition …

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Scientists Are Working Together To Tackle Covid-19 Like Never Before

Scientists are working hard to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. Roser Valentí generally spends her days with quantum physics to understand exotic states of matter. But in May 2020, she switched her modeling skills to a very different problem — mimicking the development of the coronavirus pandemic. “Our ordinary daily things lost their significance,” states the m 8 theoretical physicist in Germany. “We thought: can we do something to help to know what is happening?”

Even when the pandemic wanes, Valentí wants to keep her dual identity, pursuing both her old …

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New Health Innovations Taking Place in 2020

Due to covid-19, research on health innovations is speeding-up, and we are now seeing different gadgets and instruments. Pocket-size ultrasound devices cost 50 times less than the machines in hospitals (and link to a telephone ). The virtual reality, which speeds healing in rehabilitation. Artificial intelligence is better than health experts in detecting lung tumors. These are simply a few of the innovations transforming medication at a remarkable pace.

Nobody can forecast the future, but it can be glimpsed in the dozen creations and concepts below. Neither exhaustive nor exclusive, …

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New Medicaid Plan To Allow States To Partially Opt-Out

The white house shared a new plan that would radically revamp Medicaid by allowing states to opt-out of a part of the current federal funding program and seek a fixed payment annually in exchange for achieving unprecedented flexibility over the schedule.

Medicaid, a federal-state health program that involves 1 in 5 Americans, has been an open-ended entitlement since its start in 1965. That means the total amount of money given by the federal government grows with growth in health expenses and enrollment.

The government said the new program would …

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What Advances Are Being Made In DNA Sequencing

Life Science Research: DNA Sequencing

DNA sequencing is the single greatest scientific breakthrough to have occurred in the world of bioinformatics and genetics. Determining the order of nucleotides in a DNA sequence has opened numerous doors in preventative health care.

Patients can receive a personalized genetics map from online test labs for less than $200. Labs like answer questions on hereditary conditions and predispositions to illnesses.

Recent advances in DNA testing mean that lives can potentially be saved if researchers catch these links and red flags quickly.

Improving The

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Latest Medical Technology Developments in Disease Diagnosis

Medicine and technology have gone hand in hand for many years. Advances in the medical field and pharmaceuticals have saved countless lives and improved many others. As the years pass by and technologies continue to grow, it is not easy to predict what improvements will come next but disease diagnosis should continue to improve.

Below are the top 10 new medical technologies in 2019:


Clustered Often Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) is the very innovative gene-editing technology yet. It works by controlling the mechanisms of bacterium cells of …

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Research Pays Off As New Products Obtain FDA Permission

Wound-care firm Applied Tissue Technologies declared that it had won FDA permission of its negative-pressure wound treatment product, the Platform Wound Dressing (PWD). The second class system signifies the first-of-its-kind embossed harmful pressure wound treatment equipment for use without gauze or foam, according to the Hingham, Mass. Company.

The PWD is a permeable dressing with an integral adhesive base and an impermeable membrane, permanently embossed that combines the traditional functions of this negative-pressure wound treatment membrane and foam/gauze in now marketed negative-pressure component. After the negative-pressure pump is turned …

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Short-Term Health Insurance Policy Changes Starting 2019

The war on Obamacare is one of the many fights that the Trump Administration has in their sights. There are many aspects to the healthcare industry at the forefront of the government’s agendas, and individual health insurance reform is a priority. Many approve of this change in temporary or short-term health insurance plans.

Proposed changes and repeals continue to make the headlines – often with minimal impact in the long term. However, a new proposition on short-term health insurance plans is set to shake the system up like never before.…

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The Evolution Of Obama’s Drug Addiction And Mental Health Policy

Drug Policy Innovation In Disease Diagnosis

As part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rollout, President Obama’s 21st-century drug policy strategy for America was released in 2012. It is designed to further take drug counseling and drug addiction treatment healthcare measures through progressive public health and public safety strategies.

The scope of the new policies is quite broad: they cover addiction diagnosis, mental health counseling, all forms of drug testing, addiction recovery, dual diagnoses, and much more.

Innovation In Disease Diagnosis’s main aim was to reduce drug use and provide …

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