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New Technology Showcase Logo 2013


2013 New Technology Showcase


LifeScience Alley’s New Technology Showcase provides valuable access to novel life science technologies representing improved patient care and significant market impact.


Industry experts have reviewed applications and selected 10 organizations to participate in the 2013 Showcase; the top three will present in front of the full Conference audience during the Luncheon Plenary Session.


Organizations of any size with a novel product/technology in medical devices, biologics & pharmaceuticals, health IT, or healthcare delivery were encouraged to send in an application.


2013 New Technology Showcase Winners:


PrintOmnis Pharma, Inc.
Luncheon Plenary Session Presenter
Oncolytic Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV) Platform
Rochester, MN

Omnis Pharma is developing groundbreaking new therapies in the fight against cancer. We apply innovation to each step of our development process to minimize the time, cost and risk of drug development. We are founded by an experienced, passionate team dedicated to turning today’s discoveries into tomorrow’s cures.


Presenter: Shruthi Naik, PhD, President and COO

Dr. Naik is a co-founder and COO of Omnis Pharma, a biotech company dedicated to developing groundbreaking new therapies for cancer patients in need. She has extensive experience utilizing biochemistry, immune and virology based approaches to understanding and treating cancer. Dr. Naik works with an experienced, passionate team from Mayo Clinic, pioneering the use of engineered oncolytic viruses for the treatment of cancer. She has built collaborative networks to advance this technology, using innovative approaches to optimize the process of clinical drug development. Dr. Naik holds degrees in Molecular Biology and Economics, and received her PhD from Mayo Graduate School.


Rebiotix logo - Small

Rebiotix Inc.
Luncheon Plenary Session Presenter
Microbiota Restoration Therapy (MRT)
Roseville, MN

Rebiotix Inc. is a biotechnology company founded to revolutionize the treatment of challenging gastrointestinal diseases by harnessing the power of the human microbiome.  The company has developed a unique biologic drug platform called Microbiota Restoration Therapy.  The lead product RBX2660 is targeted at recurrent Clostridium difficile, a life-threatening hospital-acquired infection.


Presenter: Ryan Gordon, PhD, Vice President, Technical Operations

Ryan Gordon, PhD, vice president of technical operations, brings a wealth of experience in pharmaceutical product development to Rebiotix, where he is leading the commercialization of the company’s Microbiota Restoration Therapy biologic drug platform.  His scientific expertise combined with practical knowledge of pharmaceutical manufacturing has enabled Rebiotix to scale-up production of its first product RBX2660 for clinical investigation.  Prior to Rebiotix, he held senior leadership positions at 3M where he was recognized for his expertise in transdermal drug delivery.  Gordon holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota and is a certified Six Sigma black belt.


Luncheon Plenary Session Presenter
Naperville, IL 


Presenter: Gary Conkright, MBA, CEO

A visionary leader with a demonstrated ability to craft innovative strategies, build exceptional management teams and manage to results in a fast-changing business environment, Mr. Conkright is our co-founder and CEO. Prior to VGBio, he was the founding CEO and Chairman of SmartSignal Corporation, (now part of GE) a Chicago-based enterprise software firm, incubated by the University of Chicago to commercialize predictive analytics technology developed at Argonne National Laboratory. Over the past 20 years, serving as CEO of venture backed technology start-ups, he has secured over $44 million in venture capital to bring game-changing, proprietary technology from laboratory to commercial success. Throughout his start-up career, he has a track record of negotiating strategic collaborations, stemming from his philosophy to partner when possible, to leverage and focus on the company’s core competency. Gary has an MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth Graduate School of Business and a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from Purdue University. He is also the named inventor on 4 US Patents.


CogCubed – Cognitive Games for Health
Minneapolis, MN

CogCubed has developed an innovative and objective approach to assess and improve cognitive function through games using multisensory devices. Research has shown their game Groundskeeper can more accurately assess ADHD. Currently affecting 10-20% of the child/adolescent population, the diagnosis of ADHD has risen by 25% over the last 10 years.



BusCardsDatuit, LLC
The SafeIX® Platform and the Datuit Care Plan Manager
Roseville, MN

Datuit’s SafeIX Platform uses structured healthcare data to keep clinicians, patients and family members on the same page, and the Care Plan Manager app shows how collaboration can look. Datuit lets you, your clinicians and your caregivers work together from anywhere by enabling secure connections in a social world.



ImanisLogoImanis Life Sciences, LLC
NIS: Noninvasive Imaging Solutions for Regenerative Medicine
Rochester, MN

Imanis Life Sciences aims to dramatically accelerate progress in regenerative medicine, cancer therapy and biomedical research by providing ready access to novel reporter gene imaging technologies and services that can be used to noninvasively follow the migration, proliferation and elimination of cells, viruses and vectors in living subjects.



PrintMednology Solutions LLC
Excelsior, MN

Communication tools currently used in Emergency Departments are intrusive and inefficient.  SynapseBLUE’s proprietary mobile communication and workflow management software solution is designed by an experienced Emergency Medicine Physician to improve Emergency Department efficiency, safety, and patient satisfaction.  




NanoVault Medical LLC
Cellular and Biotherapeutic Delivery Device Technology
St. Paul, MN

Implantable devices that deliver cellular and biotherapeutic compounds offer new hope for costly, chronic diseases like Diabetes, RA, MS and neurodegenerative diseases. NanoVault Medical’s versatile, biologically-inspired nanoporous metallic platform leverages highly compatible materials, with tunable porosity for protected therapeutics delivery and diffusion, to facilitate the functional restoration of damaged tissues.



Remind Technologies logo new-01ReMind Technologies
ReMind MindRx™ Smartphone Medication Dispensing System
Houston, TX

Remind Technologies is a mobile health company that emerged out of the University of Minnesota Medical Device Center dedicated to pioneering medication adherence technologies. Remind has designed and developed the MindRx(TM), the first integrated smartphone pill dispenser and disease management software. The MindRx is comprised of a sleek case which holds a patient’s daily pills, coupled to a smartphone app capable of scheduling, recording, tracking and monitoring medication use and adherence. 


Skyline JPGSkyline Medical, Inc.
Eagan, MN

Skyline Medical, Inc. develops and markets new technology for the surgical waste fluid management market. The Company’s core product is its unique, innovative STREAMWAY® System, which is the safest, most efficient, and environmentally friendly direct-to-drain solution for automated surgical fluid disposal and waste management.


If you have questions about the New Technology Showcase, please contact Ryan Baird at or 952-746-3818.


2012 Winners

Acuity Medical

Clinical Healthcare Corporation

Corventis, Inc.

Entellus Medical

IntraMed/Express Diagnostics, LLC

Mobi, LLC

Monteris Medical

Sunshine Heart 

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. 

Vital Simulations, LLC


2011 Winners

Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

Circle Biologics, Inc.

Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.

Medicom Health Interactive

Mindful Scientific, Inc.


NovaScan LLC

QuickCheck Health, Inc.

RxFunction Inc.

SurModics IVD


2010 Winners

Diabetes Sentry Products, Inc.

Fluence Therapeutics Inc.

GeaCom, Inc.

Innovative Surface Technologies, Inc. (ISurTec®)

LifeServe Innovations

Medinvent, LLC

OrthoCor Medical

Powerscope Inc.

Pursuit Vascular, Inc.

Rapid Diagnostek