Brexit Health Care Policies

The Impact of Brexit On the Life Sciences Industry

Health Care Policies For Life Sciences Industry The historic UK referendum on the nation’s relationship with the EU led to a surprising result. The majority of the people wanted to leave. This severing of ties – now more commonly referred to as Brexit – has cast some doubts over the ongoing UK/EU relationship concerning healthcare and the life sciences industry. There…

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Life Science Research

What Advances Are Being Made In DNA Sequencing

 Life Science Research-DNA Sequencing DNA sequencing is one of the most major scientific breakthroughs to have occurred in the world of genetics. The Life Science Research to determining the order of nucleotides in a DNA sequence has opened up numerous doors in preventative health care. Patients receive a personalized map of their genetics that answers questions on hereditary conditions and…

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Innovation In Disease Diagnosis

7 Top Innovations In Diagnosing, Treating And Operating On Heart Diseases

Innovations In Disease Diagnosis Heart health is a vital part of modern healthcare. Researchers are continually looking for the best practices in preventative care, surgery, and lifesaving treatment. We have seen significant Innovation In Disease Diagnosis and treating heart diseases in recent years. Here are seven of the best examples that can be found within heart healthcare, operating theaters and…

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